Solar Harvest Farm     Steve & Michelle Heyer  Richie, Sheri & Sarah   7432 Marsh Road, Waterford, WI 53185
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   Website: www.solarharvestfarm.com
The Second Array on the Farm - Grid-Tie
(Our original 1992 off-grid (battery-based) system utilizes a 1.5 kW PV array coupled with a 1kW wind turbine)

Photovoltaics:  40 Evergreen 205 watt panels - 8.2 kW  Inverter:  SMA Sunny Boy SB7000US  Racking: Iron Ridge

Production:  Nov  4, 2011 - April 12, 2017  1,987 Days   Power Produced:  59,752 kWhr’s  Avoided CO2:  101,560 lbs
This array averaged 30.07 kWh/day over this time period.  Peak kWh/day observed:  55 kWh

Costs - Utility vs this Photovoltaic System:   Click here to view Solar Payback PDF

January 2015 - We Energies Effectively Eliminates Independent Solar Competition.  
Click here to read about the PSC and the Utility rate structure the PSC approved.

We expect such behavior from a monopoly.  
We expect our PSC to regulate the abuse inherent to a monopoly.  This did not happen.
Please read PSC bios to recognize that the current members are egregiously unqualified.