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“Money is like manure... If we want  things to grow, we have to spread it around.”

       Which scene...

 ...distributes money (and manure) across a significantly greater percentage of the country’s farmers and countryside?
...is significantly less dependent upon volatile fossil fuel supply and demand?
...utilizes renewable animal power to harvest the animal’s natural feed?
...treats manure as an asset for soil fertility effectively eliminating the need for fossil fuel fertilizers?
...mitigates pathogen development  by eliminating the environment necessary for pathogen proliferation?
...provides food replete with the full spectrum of essential fatty acids?
...utilizes small, local butcher shops enhancing local economies while eliminating country-wide food-borne epidemics/recalls?
...is not eligible nor dependent upon government subsidies?
When factoring in all environmental and societal costs, which scene provides the lowest-cost to the consumer and taxpayer?

Have you ever seen advertisements or product labeling depicting the scene above?
Yet virtually every package of meat found in every conventional supermarket is derived from the scene above.
Centralized vs. Decentralized