Products Available From The Heyer Family Farm

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Pastured Chicken:  Freedom Rangers, raised on our rotationally-grazed organic pastures.  Chickens receive certified organic feed, (certified by M.O.S.A.) plus all the natural benefits of pasture such as insect protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids from the greens.  Offered exclusively in late June and early July.  Customers pre-order and pickup fresh on the date of their choosing.

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Pig-Happy Pork:  Raised on areas of the farm that allow them to run, root and wallow to their heart’s content, our pigs express undeniable “happy” behavior through their actions and vocalizations.  Early morning and evening activities are rambunctious whereas mid-days are usually spent snoozing in the shade or wallow.  Their diet consists of certified organic feed (certified by M.O.S.A.) plus our organic forage.  One of their jobs on the farm is to work over the bedding packs created by the cattle from the previous winter.  When they’re through rooting in it, the resulting end product is a thoroughly aerated compost, ready for spreading.   Available in halves or whole on specific dates in the fall, customers commit to the pickup date of their choosing.

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Grassfed Beef:  Rotationally-grazed on our pastures from spring to fall.  When the grass isn’t growing, our herd consumes hay and organic-approved mineral.  No corn or soybeans.  No antibiotics.  No hormones.  No diesel fuel or chemical insecticide.   “Finishing” prior to harvest occurs only during the pasture season when the cattle’s diet consists exclusively of pasture and mineral thus assuring the highest levels of CLA and essential fatty acids.  Available in quarters, halves or whole on specific dates in the summer and fall.   Customers choose their pickup date and corresponding butcher.  Customers speak directly with the butcher to assure their order is cut and wrapped to meet their needs.  Customers can request quarters and halves by relative size of small, medium or large.

Grass-fed & Grass-finished!
Eggs:  From Pastured Hens whose diet consists of forage, natural insect protein and certified organic feed, (certified by M.O.S.A.).   Unlike the “free-range” label in the stores in which the hens literally “range” indoors, our hens  spend their days outdoors on pasture thus synthesizing  essential fatty acids unavailable by other means.  Unbeatable  quality, taste and size!  Laying hens get little respect.  Make no mistake - these girls (and just enough boys to keep ‘em happy) are integral to a pasture-based diversified farm.